Monday, Sep 25 2017
Md. Mufazzal Hussain

Md. Mufazzal Hussain

Senior Software Engineer

Md. Mufazzal Hussain is basically from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is a true visionary as well as has always been passionate about learning and implementing new technologies. He always loves to develop good designed, object oriented, multithreaded and distributed software systems.

Currently, He is working as a Senior Software Engineer at IMS HEALTH.

Previously, He had been working as a Software Engineer at Binary Quest Ltd where he was involved in several Software Development projects in different local and foreign teams and had got the opportunity to work in every phase of Software Development Life Cycle.

Formerly, He was a Software Engineer at UGI Ltd where he had got the scopes to design and develop ERP called “Life Insurance Administration Solution (LIAS)” for Progoti Life Insurance.

Before UGI Ltd, He had been working as a Software Engineer at Access Infotech Ltd and had developed some most challenging and interesting projects like Freight Forwarding System, Accounting Systems and many more websites.


He has been programming since 2006. He started with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and worked on many languages, platforms and technologies so far. Here, there is a list of his current skills and interests.


  • C#.NET: Working on C# and .NET platform in his work. He has excellent knowledge on .NET Framework and C#.
    • Entity Framework: Using EF since version 4 and has a good skill.
    • WPF: Good knowledge. He has developed Windows based interfaces using WPF.
    • WCF: Good knowledge. He is developing many services using WCF.
    • Others: Using Log4Net for logging.
    • ASP.NET MVC: He shifted to ASP.NET MVC and using it since 2013. Developed projects using it and have a very good knowledge and deep understanding.
    • ASP.NET Web API: He is building JSON based services with Web API from a while.
    • ASP.NET Web Forms: He has been working since 2009 and has a good knowledge.
  • Javascript: He has a very good skill. Read and worked on JavaScript design patterns and best practices a lot.
    • jQuery, jQueryUI: He is working with jQuery, jQueryUI and many plugins. 
  • HTML/CSS: He has a good knowledge on HTML and CSS since 2007. Also learning and using HTML5 and CSS3 features.
  • Others: He worked on Java and C++ in university.


  • SQL Server: He is using it since Sql Server 2000 and now using SQL Server 2012. He has worked on many projects using .NET on SQL Server. He has excellent knowledge on database design, normalization, optimization, stored procedures, indexes… etc.
  • NoSQL: Currently he is working to learn NoSQL concept, databases, techniques and tools.
  • Others: He know basics of SQLite and MongoDB and used in some small experimental projects.


He especially like developing multithreaded and distributed software system, application framework and open source projects. Also,

  • Best Practices: He investigates, read, learn, try and use best practices on every area that he’s working on.
  • Domain Driven Design: As a software engineer, He’s trying to be better on DDD by reading books and developing applications.
  • Design Patterns: He has personal interest in Design Patterns, using patterns in his work and personal projects.
  • Multi-threading: He has excellent skill on multi thread programming in .NET. He has developed many applications and services runs in a multithreaded manner. He knows and using common design patterns on multithreading.