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What is HTML and What is it used for?

What is HTML and What is it used for?

What is HTML and what is it used for? It’s a very common question and lots of people know the answer. If you know the answer then this article is not for you. It’s for those peoples who don’t know yet.

HTML is the short form of Hyper Text Markup Language. It is the language that used to create webpages since from the first webpage published on the web. Every day we are browsing lots of modern websites with lots of features and incorporated with lots of new technology, framework and tools. But one thing is common and that is HTML. No HTML no Website.

HTML came from an older markup language called SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) that was used in document publishing.  

Now we know that what is HTML. But now one question is arrive that why need HTML for website? Well, Website is a collection of documents. Now let assume that you have written a report for your manager or teacher in a paper. How you’ll write it? You’ll give it a title, headline, paragraphs etc. to make your report more understandable. As like, when you’ll store a document in a server and browser will take your document from server then how browser will understand document formatting that you used in your paper?

To solve the above problem HTML comes with HTML tags. By using HTML tags you are able to formatting your document as like your paper. The browser will read your document and will formatting by you HTML tags but browser will not display the HTML tags.

Another term has come that is HTML tags, right? HTML tags are keywords (tag names) surrounded by angle brackets. For example, following line is representing a paragraph.


Here <p></p> is the HTML tags and “Paragraph” is my content.

As like <p> there are more HTML tags that used for other purposes to show the document in browsers in a well formatted.

Click to know Anatomy of HTML webpage.


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Nice and precise writing. Well done. It will help people understand the basic things about HTML. But you should give more information.

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